Welcome to one of the best nature resorts on Koh Kood island: the Koh Kood Resort

Our For-Rest Boutique House Koh Kood was completed in the last months of the year 2010, or 2553 according to the Thai calendar. This beautiful Boutique guesthouse is owned and operated by a couple of veterans in the guesthouse / resort / hotel business that were previously involved with operating and managing the well known "The Beach Natural Resort" here on Koh Kut island in Ban Bao Bay and are related to well known boutique resorts like the Koh Kood Resort. As "the Beach" became more successful and thus busier, these two partners started to miss the peace and quiet that they had become so used to in the early days on Ko Kood. Sure, Ban Bao Beach is still far from busy, especially when compared to other nearby family holiday islands like Koh Chang & Koh Mak, but long time locals that lived here in times when there was only a once a week slow boat connection from the Laem Sok, Dan Kao or even Laem Ngop piers on the mainland, may beg to differ. So after traveling back and forth between their quiet and peaceful village on the mainland for a while, the couple decided that it was time to find a spot on the island that was still like it used to be in Bang Bao bay. This now famous bay on Koh Kut also happens to be the last station at the end of the speedboat "bus" lines, ensuring that any beaches or bays south of that are among the most secluded in the Koh Chang Archipelago or perhaps even in the entire country of Thailand.

After a long search and looking at the many rocky beach locations that are, or were, available for sale on Ko Kood, they finally found their truly gem of a location nearly on the most southern point of the island, where the serene beauty of an, seemingly endless, 900 meter long lonely beach is perfectly combined with the picturesque scenery of a tiny fisherman's village, a beautiful canal that runs through one of the larger mangrove areas on the island and a coconut plantation right next door. The For Rest Koh Kood Boutique house used to be one, or actually two, of these authentic fisherman houses on stilts built safely besides this mangrove and on the canal, but has since been completely renovated and expanded to make our guest's stay as comfortable as possible.

There are currently just 10 rooms available, all decorated in a boutique style and furnished with all the basic comforts one might require during a vacation on a tropical island like Koh Kut. All of our very spacious rooms, with their private "reading balcony", are equipped with whisper-quiet new air-conditioners and TV's with personal satellite receivers. The only significant difference between the standard & superior rooms is the size, the number of beds and perhaps an extra chair. The level of comfort is exactly the same.

The big satellite dish & transceiver that is required for internet use is due to arrive soon and will ensure that there will be WiFi available in the entire For Rest Boutique House on Ko Kut island. Until such time you are more than welcome to use the computer in the lounge area to share all the beauty and nature that surround you with your friends and loved ones back home. Or pick up a book from our always growing library, to read in our restaurant / living room or on your private balcony where you will be well protected by thousands of tiny crabs in the crystal clear water direct below you. The For Rest boutique house also provides easy to use kayaks called triyaks completely free of charge, so couples or triples can safely navigate the mangrove area without upsetting nature or, if they are a bit more experienced, head out of our Ao Prao Bay to explore neighboring beaches or go snorkeling at the nearby coral reefs & rocks formations. Rental motorcycles are available for the fearless that would like to visit the famous waterfalls or giant trees in the center of the island by themselves. The only thing you need to remember is that there currently are no ATM's on Koh Kood and that the nearest Credit Card machines is a half an hour's drive away, so make sure to plan your finances ahead.

If you are looking for an authentic stay on a tropical island like Koh Kood, without immediately sacrificing all of your basic comforts, the ForRest Boutique House should definitely be on your shortlist. Our secluded location ensures that you will be well tanned & completely rested when it's it time to head back home, yet there is enough activity during the day and a few nearby sights to not make it feel like you've suddenly turned into a Tom Hanks in Castaway. It's also the only place where you can enjoy all sceneries that you can find on Koh Kood in a single spot: Peaceful Estuary, intriguingly small Fisherman village, Natural Mangroves, picture perfect Coconut plantation, gigantic white sand Beach and the crystal clear Sea.

We highly recommend our boutique house for older young couples, honeymooners that do not want to spend all of their savings on only accommodations, business people that need to wind down quickly and basically anyone that loves the combination between nature and beaches.

Remember, though: reservations are required, because most people won't be able to find our hidden location by themselves and we need to plan on-island transfers well ahead of their arrival at our guesthouse..