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Backgammon Free review

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Enjoy beautifully made your favorite classic board game. It’s just what you need from this kind of play on your phone - slick design, comfy to play, and all support and rules you need to understand this game if you never played before.

Storyline 7/10

I think this app helped me to understand how this game works finally. So you have 24 black and white triangles on the board. You have 30 black and white pieces in total. The players have 15 of each color. Black ones move anti-clockwise, white ones - clockwise. You have to go in that way to the inner table. Once they’re there, you can “bear them off.” The player who bears off all of his pieces wins. The number of pieces to move is decided by rolling the dice. Of course, there are more to this game, and it’s easy to understand all of it with this app’s Rules of the Game and How to Play sections.

You can play only against AI, which here is called CPU. At first, other people think it’s impossible to win in this game, but the creators say that the CPU doesn’t know what dice number will be thrown, and the dice themselves work at random. I believe it, and people who don’t believe it can’t take the loss and can’t play backgammon well. When I played, I could win as well, and I like playing with the CPU because it works very fast, unlike the real human player. But I think it’d be cool to play with real players online. Maybe game designers should think of adding this to the game.

Graphics 9/10

The game looks very beautiful—medieval times themes with noble wood, wax seals, and bone-like pieces. You can customize your board and pieces' colors. You can also choose what bars to show on the screen (e.g., Show Legal Moves, Fast Game Animations, Auto Roll Dice, etc.) - everything for your comfortable gaming experience. It means that you can choose the animation and actions to your liking. There’s an easy menu at the top where you can see your stats, resign the round, check the rules, share your game, save and quit, and other actions. At the top left, there are often ads for other AI Factory’s games.

Sound 3/10

There’s no music in the game and the sounds I think are the same in every game by AI - sounds of pieces’ moves. It sounds like something plastic hitting the wood. I think the game would be better if it had some soothing music. Because board games for the phone are the perfect way to relax, so nice music in them makes sense.

Our Impressions 3/10

I decided to get this game because I finally wanted to understand how to play this ancient game. Of course, I knew about it, but I could never understand how to play and thought it’s only for older people. And it is:) This app didn’t prove me wrong. Not a fan of backgammon. Probably I’ll go for other games from AI Factory that I love and understand how to play. You need this game only to get to other legendary board games by AI Factory: Solitaire, Reversi, Chess, and others. All for free. And I’ll choose one of them from this company because after I played backgammon, I’m sure that other games by it are well made.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 6

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