Avast Antivirus and Free Vault

Avast Antivirus is the mobile implementation of one of the most popular antivirus software across all platforms. This app provides you with automatic system monitoring, app clocking, file vault, VPN, bandwidth speed testing, and more. 

Not a Simple Antivirus

Avast Antivirus presents multiple automatic features. The main one is called Antivirus Core. It monitors your system 24/7 to protect it from malware and virus attacks. Its surveillance works with apps, as well. Avast can block the installation of apps that may include malware. The same thing works when you use the web browser and social networks. The app also recognizes advertising calls and warns you about it. You can instantly add suspicious numbers to the blacklist. 

Besides these standard features, Avast Antivirus can help you to protect privacy. The integrated VPN service allows you to browse and use online apps using IPs of other countries and continents. It’s also the only way to pass regional web restrictions and access prohibited sources. 

Avast app has access to your image gallery. You can choose specific photos or all of them and transfer them into the vault. This feature is an excellent way to protect private pictures and videos from theft. You can set a password or use your fingerprints to lock the vault. The app takes care not only about data security. Your health is also essential, so Avast tracks how much time you spend using apps during the day. 

Thieves Have No Chances

Activate the Anti-Theft mode to be sure that your phone won’t get away too far. The spy camera will make automatic photos in periods and send them to your Email. At the same time, you can enable the app to record and stream audio. If the thief takes away SIM-card, Avast registers theft. When the battery is removed, it reports the latest locations. Apps protected by passwords and fingerprints are impossible to break, so don’t worry about file security. 


  • Multiple types of data protection;
  • Doesn’t boost energy consumption;
  • Integrated VPN and ad-block;
  • System cleaner enabled
  • Image and video vault.


  • iOS policy allows less control;
  • Anti-theft is paid.

Full-Circle Security

Avast is a unique app that combines features of the antivirus, VPN, ad-block, media vault, anti-theft tool, app analysis, and many more. It seems to be the widest range of free features of the market. All these features don’t cause energy consumption to increase due to the integrated system cleaner.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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