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Google Home is designed to provide you with convenient controls over Google Home devices and thousands of smart home devices. Now you can arrange your house or flat only with devices that match your taste, needs, and budget. 

Bigger, Faster, Smarter

The latest version of Google Home is compatible with over 5000 devices that include TVs, thermostats, lighting equipment, switches, watering devices, locks, audio systems, gaming consoles and many more. Don’t be afraid of installing multiple devices. Controlling won’t take much time because the app memorizes all your actions and creates applets. Each applet includes a combination of the most frequently applied settings of every single device. There may be several shortcuts for one app. You have to simply repeat settings for a few times. All supported devices are compatible with this feature.

A Good Companion

Google Home is not only a remote controller. It’s also an excellent helper for discovering features of your gadgets. Go to the Overview tab to explore new features that come with updates. You can also find multiple helpful tips and lifehacks in this section. 

Though Google Home is designed as an all-in-one solution, it may offer useful apps based on your installed titles and habits. It also scans your media apps to pick up similar content on the web and offer you the most relevant songs, videos, and even books. 

Finally, Google Assistant is built into the app. You can use it to say commands with your hands off. Surprisingly, this feature is available even on iOS, but you are not allowed to use it, then the app is off the screen. The solution is simple. Tell Siri to open the app to access the Assistant. 


  • Supports over 5000 smart-home devices;
  • Creates automatic applets for frequent tasks;
  • Integrated Google Assistant (hands-off on Android);
  • Smart content suggestions, helpful notes, how-to guides;
  • Frequent device library updates.


  • Few performance issues and bugs caused by device updates;
  • Minor restrictions on Apple iOS devices.

The Best is Yet to Come

The most recent version of Google Home is definitely a breakthrough. There is no other app that supports such an impressive list of compatible smart-home devices. The number of integrations and a high level of system penetration is also remarkable. It’s the best solution for Android devices, and the biggest competitor of Apple HomeKit so far.

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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