Instagram is the biggest network for posting images and videos, with over 1 billion monthly active users. The app allows you to create visual content and share it with the world or in private conversations.

Non-Stop Shooting

Instagram app allows you to keep posting content even when you run out of storage space. You can take unlimited photos, and videos or conduct live IGTV shows until your bandwidth allows you to do. Instagram cloud storage is unlimited. Moreover, you can download everything you posted later. Hurry up as all stories and lives are deleted automatically over 24 hours. 

It’s not Only About Visuals

Instagram app allows you to add captions under content. It’s a great way to tell stories, describe product features in detail and more. You can make long texts more readable using emojis. Another way for textual communication is Direct. It’s an integrated instant messenger for private conversations where you can exchange disappearing photos, videos, and share content from your feed. 

Share Stories and Go Air

The latest version of Instagram presents such features as stories, and IGTV live broadcasting. Stories allow you to post vertical photos and videos with captions. The powerful editor provides you with multiple customizable fonts and several types of graphical elements. Instagram has a built-in GIF search where you can easily find animations by keywords. 

Another significant feature is augmented reality support. You can apply interactive masks to yourself and your friends. Just swipe near the shooting button to try on hundreds of smart overlays. They can turn you into monsters, famous personalities, objects, or just enhance the quality of visuals avoiding manual customization. 

IGTV is a new feature that allows you to conduct live video streams on the go. Use your imagination to make it exciting and get as many viewers as possible. They can put you likes or send live comments in the chat. It’s a convenient way for bloggers to communicate with subscribers, ask/answer questions, and tell long stories.


  • Unlimited account storage;
  • Full-featured content editor;
  • The biggest userbase on the market.


  • Charges a lot of RAM;
  • Several bugs on specific devices.

The Biggest Mobile Creative Environment 

Instagram app is a unique medium for communicating with millions of people using self-created visual content. It’s a must-have service for bloggers, sellers, fans of celebrities, and average users who seek for good free original content. 

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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