There’s been a mildly radical holy war since 2011: is Terraria a misbegotten, unfathered brother of Minecraft or not? Well… those two share some similarities indeed, but Terraria has a special, enigmatic element in its DNA which other Minecraft “siblings” desperately lack.  

I’m talking about frightening unpredictability.  

Can You Dig it, Brothah?

If Terraria was a real world, then everyone would be a hard-headed homebody. Why? Well, imagine that every time you had to leave your house, you’d be of huge interest to face-eating vultures, predatory underground worms (with a size of a shopping cart), flying red-eyed skulls, and so forth.

However, you can’t stay at home all the time in Terraria. Eventually, you’ll have that thirst for an adventure, for exploring this mystical pixilated world with enemies to the butcher, treasures to hunt for, fortresses to erect, etc.

Your saga begins in the middle of nowhere, a random location: no money, no house, no armor, no nothing. Your best friends will be a pickaxe, a sword, and an axe. The pickaxe is used to procure precious resources like minerals/ores or dig your way to a mysterious underground vault that just might be brimming with surprises.

You’ll need the axe to build yourself a cozy house – hurry up and finish the job before nightfall. After the sun sets over those emerald hills, some unwanted guests will come to knock on your doors. To name a few: ghouls, lycanthropes, eccentric skeletons drunk with rage, bulletproof golems, etc.

Luckily you can craft various useful, life-saving things from the resources you mine:

  • Toilets – you can never have enough toilets.
  • Phaseblades – a blazing analogue of a lightsaber.
  • Death Sickles – speaks for itself.
  • Yoyos – knock opponents off.
  • Vortex guns.
  • Gladiator armor.

And much more. Each weapon/item requires specific materials, some of which are pretty hard to find - be ready to hustle for ‘em.

Mess of Randomness

You never know what you’re going to stumble upon in Terraria. It might be a giant golem’s footprint, a temple made of gold, a dungeon with armored mushrooms in it, a soul-sucking orb…

The abundance of valuables that you can loot is just off the chain. But I gotta admit, by the end, you’re done with unlocking hard mode items, you’ll surprisedly notice that you’ve become quite a strategist: rare resources are very hard to conquer. The payoff is handsome though.

It’s the core concept of Terraria actually: exploring this beautifully intimidating world and learning how to react to unexpected dangers – nothing keeps your mind in a better shape than a swarm of the so-called Cthulhu servants charging at you out of nowhere.  

And did I mention that all this bizarre carnival is accompanied by majestic cheap-tune music?

Unavoidable Shortcomings

Every masterpiece has its own flaws, alas! In case of the mobile version of Terraria, it’s the frustrating controls. The fighting and building mechanics suffer greatly because of the small displays the gadgets have.

The developers tried to solve the issue by adding an auto-magnifying function, and it does relieve the situation a bit but to get the full entertaining experience you’ll need a tablet/iPad.

Then the full version is payable – $5 for all the quests and adventures.

Another source of disgruntlement is the glitchy intro-tutorial – it may require you to do something, for instance, to install a door. And when you’re done with it it’ll ask you to do it again and again – this problem can be solved by restarting the game.  

However, these are minor annoyances. This game is highly addictive due to its bizarre atmosphere and innumerable surprises lurking around you.

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