Game of War is a typical representative of the base-building strategy genre. It has its bright and dark sides, but the balance turns out good enough to attract millions of players.  

Graphics and Sound

Though the game is in general well-drawn, it’s spoiled by its ignorance in some unexpected domains. The killing misfeature is fonts. Each decent developer tries to use the fonts that correspond with the mood. They can look ancient or futuristic, exquisite or primitive, may be an exclusive masterpiece or just some sample from a library, but they should be. Using ordinary one in magical fantasy context kills most of the fascination. So the rest just doesn’t work.  

As we see from the game’s success, sometimes you don’t have to make it perfect. Even the fact that the fonts may get confused and interfere to full unreadability, doesn’t confuse the devoted fans. The rest, as we see, is done properly.

Story Plot

Like in many strategical games like this, you suddenly inherit a kingdom’s throne. So you enter your capital (or rather future capital, as there’s so much to build yet) and start turning it into the town of your dream.

The tutorial is not inspiring at all. You don’t feel like the king with a wise minister; rather like a slave being commanded, not understanding what he’s doing. The instructions lack even the basic explanations what you’re doing all this for. As you start making it all out yourself, everything comes into place.

After you’ve built the industrial base, you can train your Heroes and develop super weapons. Then you can set war on your neighbors and defense if they attack your bases. Military development includes a lot of various buildings and upgrades, but most of all it requires civil industry to be based upon.

As it’s an online game, you can join alliances and communicate with other players. By connecting to your Facebook account, you unlock Gold Mine feature that enables exchanging gold between players. Luckily, it’s possible for free.

The further you go, the more possibilities and fantasy elements you unlock, from city-building features to dragons and global tournaments. So far the Android version of the game has over 50 million installs, so there will be a lot of rivals.


That’s where the game has no weaknesses. Everything is easy and clear from the very beginning. You don’t need to learn any tricky combos or discover hidden menus to find some command. It’s all on the surface; you just need to tap the right spot. Even on old devices the app responds almost immediately, let alone flagships of 2016 or later. Maybe that’s one of the reasons they discarded exclusive fonts?


In the beginning the game seems too easy. There’s no place for your own decisions at all; even the objects you create can only be built in specified spots! Luckily, the tutorial won’t last for long. The first quests you finish on your own seem simple, like building a quarry or a mine. The most actual quest is displayed on the screen, and you only need to tap it to get the complete instruction.

Not that it remains easy later, but for a different reason. Your progress gets very slow unless you pay for its acceleration. Formally you can earn gold within the game, but its amount offered for quests and promotions is insignificant. Your building and upgrading requests are queued, and it takes gold to accelerate, But if you’re good with your moderate pace, that’s OK.


Though the game seems quite OK for its class, its authors neglected “little things” like fonts or script, and that spoils the impression. Yet the game has been highly popular, so maybe they were right saving their efforts?  The more you play, the less irritated by these drawbacks you get, though, and start enjoying it.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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