Let’s all admit we loved Brad Pitt’s World War Z and how realistic that apocalypse looked. The zombie-themed Last Empire looks nothing like the movie. In fact, it is a strategy game that requires you to build facilities, train and upgrade your troops, and fight off zombies as the antagonists.  

Graphics and Sound

War Z is a breath of fresh air from static open world environments in MMORPGs, as movement around the landscape draws you fluidly from scene to scene. You can zoom in on features and also shift perspectives without a mid-game trailer. 

The graphics aren’t crisp HD, but they are almost surreal. What zombie-themed anything would be complete without blood and gore? As your army advances against the invading hordes, you can see the crimson tide rise.  

The music gives you a tingle in your spine as it makes the setting come to life. With an eerie “ooh!” here and a bloodcurdling scream there, the score brings the entire game to life and makes the icing on the cake for the perfect rating.  

Story Plot 

War Z draws from other strategy MMOs, with resource collecting, troop advancement, and infrastructure building. In this case, you are protecting yourself from invading zombie hordes by building your own army if you can advance fast enough, or partnering with other friendlies while battling real human or AI enemies. Strategy means knowing which resource to employ, what infrastructure to build, and when, and which heroes to upgrade. 

You can gain XP points by going on side missions and quests. It is vital to collect resources from diverse streams as early in the game as possible, as this will help you when fighting stronger opponents later on.

Last Empire War Z provides you with a helpful tutorial as you begin playing, though this is mostly to learn the basics of building and interacting with the menu interface. You can join other friendly alliances and chat with players in real time.  


The controls mesh quite well with the graphics, and there is a lot of interactivity with the screen. This is a menu-driven interface, but there is a lot of other detail so players never feel overwhelmed. You can swipe to move structures from one point to another, and everything else involves tapping.  


This game pulls a lot of surprises, and you have to be well prepared for these. You have to invest wisely in specific resources if you are to overcome the zombie hordes. Microtransactions are gladly at a minimal as you start out on your quests, but they gradually increase in frequency as you advance the halfway point of all your quests. However, success boils down to whether you can make the best use of strategy.  


Last Empire - War Z is definitely an MMO strategy game to remember, and it packs exciting action quite rare among games in this genre. War Z’s design is different, and the UI is quite engaging and interactive, unlike modern strategy games. The overall presentation and experience are quite appealing.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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