Lords Mobile: War Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Here you will defend your land with castles, secure your troops, apply strategy thinking, fight, recruiting powerful heroes with unusual skills. It is easy to find friends all over the world when playing.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics here are solid. The game will direct you from menu to menu, upgrading buildings. The battles happen in real time. Simple layout will not confuse a player even if he is a beginner. You will definitely enjoy the hero battle elements. We should confess that the background music is very good. It is important especially when you are involved in this game for a long time.

Story Plot

You will fight for your interests in a chaotic world-leading your armies to battle. You will be expected to build structures, upgrade them, prepare new armies, research environment, and more in order to achieve your goals. You can compare this game with Clash of Clans if you have played it. Your skills will progress and you will gain new equipment. 

You can join a clan, capture bases and resources crossing the map as a team. You can hire warriors applying Hero Battles features, level them up to enhance their skills to fight with bosses. You can apply targeted skills. 

There is also Equipment Crafting feature allowing you to collect resources, to make powerful equipment. Also, you can train soldiers, improve the barracks where heroes live, and look for units needed in wars.


Controls are responsive but taking into account a large number of modes, you would rather view the instructions to get more information about controls.


The game is diverse and full of challenges which can be difficult sometimes. It can be even fun with engaging gameplay and the ability to play with the team. Teamwork is very important here. There are in-app purchases but you can succeed without paying a penny. Mind that language here can be somewhat foul and some tasks look repetitive and boring


This mobile real-time strategy game with RPG elements is about a fantasy world where there are a lot of kingdoms battling each other to dominate the world. You will play it because here you do not have to do almost anything mindless. You’re suggested to research, build, create an army, and join a guild. The game is rich in components but the only key objective is that you do all the things listed above in order to become a successful bully spending the most.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

Product Screenshots

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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