Google Maps is an application that allows you to feel confident in any environment almost. It helps you to navigate the city much easier and more focused on the destination. It covers over 220 countries suggesting the detailed maps with so many marks on them showing you the way to various venues and sights with their brief descriptions.


Its interface is intuitive and can be mastered by a dummy even. Though the app is full of options, still they are not difficult to understand. You will be shown real street views and indoor patterns of museums, restaurants, malls, and more. 

Sometimes, even clear and comprehensive indoor maps are available allowing you to know your way around in airports or railway stations. The accurate layout makes it easy to find the feature you need quickly.

Content and Features

So many territories are mapped within this application. You will find millions of places, businesses, venues here and determine the most efficient route to the needed place thanks to real-time GPS navigation. The app delivers information about traffic and transit. It will be easy to find where to eat or to find medical help if you are traveling and do not know local neighborhoods.

You are able to catch your train on time, be informed of real-time traffic conditions. This app allows you to save your time when you decide how to get to the destination. Moreover, it reroutes automatically when there is a traffic jam or blocking of the road. It suggests you discover the world around and feel like a local, to be aware of trending and new places that are opening in the areas around. 

You are offered to leave your impression and create lists of your favorite places and follow the recommendations of other users or locals. The app allows group planning, sharing, and voting in real-time.

User Experience

The application is easy to understand with its clean layout. You can use maps offline when you need to find some place without an internet connection. Mind that not all features of this app are available in all countries it covers.


Compatibility is high. You should have a mobile device with late versions of Android and iOS. This app may continue consuming energy even when it isn't opened because it uses your location, that is why your device can discharge faster.


This is a stunning application, which should be installed on your mobile device to be within reach at any moment. It helps you to discover local venues, sights, restaurants, to know more about current events, and find the activities you are interested in. You will gain rich experience on Google Maps and benefit from its options a lot. And on the top of all that – it is free!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

Product Screenshots

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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